Eskimo Blue
​Pottery Studio

​Where pottering around all day has
​become something of an art form!
Pottery Hen Do's
​Pricing for 2017

Pottery for 10 or less
£40pp - hand building only
£50pp - with potter's wheel

Pottery for 11 or more with a split session at the tearoom*
​£40pp - hand building only
​£50pp - with potter's wheel

​* This pricing is for the pottery part only. Pricing for the Before Noon Tea and the Afternoon Tea is extra at £12.50 per head.

​Check out what's included here

​Pottery with an external venue for 11 plus.
​£40 per person plus the venue cost, transportation costs and time for me. (usually between £5 and £10 per person depending on venue cost). Please enquire for an actual figure.


Hen parties at Eskimo Blue can be tailored to the wishes of the bride to be. For example, if she loves birds, then a bird themed making session might be required.
The studio is only really suitable for 10 people but should you have a larger group either an external venue is found to hire nearby for minimal cost per person, or the hen party group can be split into two sessions, with the bride being present at both sessions. There is a lovely tearoom/bakery nearby where the non-potting group can have their cake and eat it, while the others are busy making. Simply switch over mid-session. Check out The Skylark Bakery's 'Before Noon Teas' and 'Afternoon Tea'
​ on their website.

There are two types of sessions, both of which can be tweaked and tailored to make it a really special experience.

The first is a hand-building session. The group will be guided through the process of making. This session lasts for 2 hours. (1 hour 45 mins per group if the group is split).

The second session includes having a go on the potter's wheel as well as completing a hand-built item.

All pricing is inclusive of all materials and tuition. Once the session is ended and the pieces are finished, they then are slowly dried until completely water free. They are then carefully packed into the kiln where they will have their first firing to 1000 degrees celcius. When the kiln is cool, the pots are removed and glazed by hand. They are now ready for their second firing to a higher temperature.

This process can take around three weeks depending on demand on the kilns.

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